About MooiarBulls

Collection The collection aims to create a play-to-earn game set in the Wild West county of Mooiar. Once the minting phase is over, the bulls will be available on the marketplace. Every purchase has a 5% royalties fee. The royalties allocation will be 60% game development and marketing, 20% team, 20% distributed back to holders through giveaways.

Game Mooiar is going to be a free-to-play, play-to-earn, action-adventure, multiplayer game set in the wild west county of Mooiar. It is going to be a place where players can sit around, drink some whiskey, buy homes, ride horses, dig up some gold and choose the best team for one of many co-op missions or to prepare themselves to be thrown into the wild shootout of battle royal of this wild county.

MooGold Token Total supply is 100 000 000 $MOO.
$MOO is going to serve as a game currency which the players will be able to earn by winning battle royal games, missions, selling items, NFT staking, operating services and by many other ways in the game or on our discord.
$MOO exchange rate will be determined after the presale.

NFT Utility NFTs will play the role of a gamepass that will allow players to use many special functions in comparison to F2P players while earning significantly more $MOO compared to F2P players. NFT rarity and traits will also play a significant role in staking, lottery and game rewards.


Presale Q2 2022

Website ✅
Presale of 500 bulls ✅
Rarity tool - Discord ✅
Staking and lottery SC development ✅
Token launch ✅

Public sale, staking, and whitepaper Q3 2022

Rarity tool - Website ✅
MEC Launch ✅
Public sale of 4500 bulls
NFT staking ✅
NFT staking pools (Elite, Special, Mooiar) ✅
Trading pair MOO/EGLD
MOO staking ✅

Game development, Weekly Lottery, Airdrops Q4 2022

Start of weekly lottery
Game development
Airdrops of in-game NFT items
Land and buildings sale

What’s next? 2023

Arrival of 5000 MooiarCows
A new roadmap release for the next year


How many bulls are living in the Mooiar county?
A total of 5.000 bulls are living in the Mooiar county.
Do you have a whitelist?
Yes, the whitelist consists of people who have joined in the early stage of our project, people who have won the spot in giveaways etc.
What is the mint price and how much time do I have to mint?
Whitelisted members are able to mint yet to be specified amount of NFTs for 24 hours for FREE. After that the mint will be open for everyone with the price of 0.2 EGLD.
How many bulls can I mint?
You will be able to mint 10 bulls per wallet.
How many bulls will be sold in the presale?
A total of 500 bulls (10% of total supply) are going to be sold in the presale.
How do I mint a bull?
Simply connect your wallet to our dApp through the mint website and choose how many Bulls you wish to mint. After that you will be asked to sign a transaction in your wallet with the amount of EGLD equivalent to your purchase + gas fees. After the payment your bull will appear in your wallet within a few minutes.
What's the mint website?
Direct link from our website to the mint website will be created a few hours before the mint starts. At the same time the website will be revealed.


Team member Filip
Founder, Artist
Team member Jozef
PR and Marketing
Team member Tomas
Project Advisor
Team member Razvan
Team member J-Michel